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        The term “family business” should have Medrano Produce in its definition. Family is the heart and soul of our company. Working in produce his whole life, our father, Adolfo Medrano, had a vision of starting his own company. In 1979, with a passion to work and the desire to provide quality business, our father established A. Medrano Produce, now known as Medrano Produce, where he instilled integrity and service.

         Growing up, my siblings and I saw our father live out his dream. That dream soon became our own. With the same ideals as our father, my siblings and I jumped at the opportunity to expand the company, a little more than a decade ago. Medrano Produce began as an onion wholesaler; now we handle a variety of produce and provide logistical services.

         As the company continues to expand, we promise to welcome you to this family with open arms and establish long term relationships. Here at Medrano Produce, we don’t just work with produce, we work with people.

                                                          - Adolfo Medrano Jr., CFO

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